Hello! My name is Jacob Greenmount, and I’m a B.Mus Jazz Piano student at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. I’ve been playing the piano since ~2002, and producing my own music since ~2005. I like to create music for a wide range of styles, but I more-or-less specialise in electronic music.


I have a wide ranging scope of influences, but they mainly boil down to two very talented artists. The first artist is Daniel White who has specialised in creating retro tracker-tunes using OctaMED Studio for the Amiga line of computers. He has released an album titled Eclipse of Mars which I highly recommend everybody to check out. The second artist is Soichi Terada who rose to fame due to his work on the Ape Escape soundtrack. His style is very diverse, but some of his best work would be his drum & bass music, and his house music.

Other influences include Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Al Jarreau, and George Duke.

I have multiple websites where I upload my music, but 95% of it can be found on my soundcloud account. I’m currently in the process of moving my newer compositions to this website, so check back regularly 🙂

Recommended Listening

Electronic Music
Jazz Music
Classical Music
  • Holst: The Planets (1991), Gustav Holst (Composer), James Levine (Conductor), Chicago Symphony Orchestra & Chorus (Orchestra)